Charlie Lee reveals why he sold his Litecoin; says BTC is gold, XRP is diamond

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Charlie Lee reveals why he sold his Litecoin; says BTC is gold, XRP is diamond

Litecoin owner, Charlie Lee in a current meeting shared his thoughts concerning cryptocurrencies– Bitcoin (BTC), Surge’s XRP and also Litecoin (LTC). He additionally revealed the reason why he offered his Litecoins (LTC).

While speaking to Chinese internet site, Lee stated that the decision to offer his Litecoins were more of a relief. He further added that he took the decision after pondering it for nearly two weeks. In fact, the step in fact got rid of the prejudiced opinions, offering him the chance to dive deep on the growth of Litecoin.

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He claimed, “… it was less than 2 weeks in consideration. After marketing it, I really feel that there is no stress … Because during that time I will additionally release some forecasts concerning the movement of the Litecoin market, but it always feels a little bit weird.”

Lee believes that short-term prices has actually obtained absolutely nothing to do with whether the Litecoin is doing good or otherwise. He claimed, “The six-month LTC has fallen a lot, yet it has actually done a good work in growth. There have actually been brand-new partners to join, and also more people have actually begun to contact Litecoin.”

Bitcoin (BTC) vs various other cryptos
According to Lee, Bitcoin (BTC) can be said to be the only point that’s close to gold in the crypto globe. He even more takes place to state that considering its massive adoption price as well as its decent rise in rate makes it beneficial for individuals to save it. He thinks Bitcoin will constantly be the “king of cryptocurrency”

He stated, “Bitcoin doesn’t should encounter storage problems; it’s additionally extremely practical to transfer. For me, he is much better compared to gold in many areas. If you are much more hopeful, the marketplace worth of Bitcoin could be more than the 10 trillion market price of gold. More than 100 times the upside.”

Lee’s view on Ripple’s XRP
While speaking about Surge’s XRP, he claimed that the severe centralization of the coin makes him believe that it resembles a diamond in the crypto knowledgeable. According to him, centralization allows adjustment.

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He claimed, “There are many possibilities (of searching for as well as altcoin to appear like worth), however Surge is rather like a diamond due to the fact that its supply is additionally artificially controlled. And also diamonds are actually marketing … If you intend to get a Ripple for marriage, it is very useful, haha!”

Litecoin (LTC): Digital Silver of crypto-verse
According to Charlie Lee, Litecoin is underestimated versus Bitcoin. The total market price of Litecoin or as he claim “electronic silver” would certainly be lower than Bitcoin. The major difference being the costs for processing a block, and also the deal rate.

He claimed, “LTC is trading 4 times faster compared to Bitcoin (BTC) but Bitcoin is a lot more made use of. Presently, the customer base of Bitcoin as well as Litecoin is relatively close. Lots of people make use of Bitcoin as well as Litecoin at the same time.”

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