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Ethereum classic warns against the scam

Ethereum Classic (ETC) tweeted about a scam airdrop known as Ether Emerald or Ethereum Emerald (ETE). The twitter account of the said scam mentions that it is a new generation of smart contract development platform. On the other hand, Ethereum Classic warns people saying that Ether Emerald is not affiliated with them.

ETC accuses them of using a name similar to Ethereum Classic’s Emerald Project in order to confuse users. Ethereum Classic’s tweet mention that it’s a scam as there is no team or project info, there’s no code or communication, the followers are bot and accuse of having a plagiarized roadmap.

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Emerald Wallet
For those aren’t aware, the Ethereum Classic development team known as ETCDEV released Emerald Wallet v1.0.0 to the community. The ETCDEV team is an independent group of software engineers and professionals who handle the core project of Ethereum Classic. The first alpha version of the Emerald Wallet was released around this time.

There were a few issues in the previous release that had to be fixed and it has been taken care of, this time. The issues that are fixed include, block progress during sync, alignment of the error message, differing NodeJs versions, temporarily enforced min-width for reflow issues in condensed views, dialog rendering inaccurate tx value, fixed getting and removing of Tokens. The other updates of the Emerald Wallet v1.0.0 include, point to full or light node, Point to Mainnet or Testnet node and RPC.

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The Emerald Wallet is an Ethereum Classic Wallet and is a part of the broader project– Emerald Platform. The new version of Emerald Wallet includes account related queries related to importing accounts using Keystore, private key, creating and managing accounts, naming accounts, Ledger Nano S or BIP39 Mnemonic phrase, printing paper wallets and managing address book of accounts. Currently, ETC is at number 16, spiked up by 0.14% in the last 24 hours, trading at $15.84 with a market cap of $1.62 billion.

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